Bob’s Bakery was established in 2007 out of the love for bread, baking and bikes. A cottage industry that began by gifting friends and neighbors with homespun, traditional bagels delivered by bike, grew into the word-of-mouth " brown bag deliverer," a.k.a Bagel Bob.

Soon enough, someone said to someone that someone was making real bagels in Port Townsend. Like the Easter Bunny, he arrived at your house, unknowingly, before you even brushed your teeth to nestle a brown bag of steaming hot bagels in your mailbox....unsigned, unnoticed, unassuming. Pretty soon the town was talking and kids were
squealing, "where is the bagel bunny?" Back at home, Bob was finally closing his eyes, after days of toil to create a beautiful, traditional and thoughtful food that you were waking up to.

Our community soon became the support that drove the demand for Bob's Bakery. Rather than us finding Port Townsend, we like to think that Port Townsend found us.

Our laborious process, love of farm-fed foods, addiction to bicycles and commitment to our community is what has made Bob's Bakery. Through fundraising, silent auctions, charity, pledge drives
and private events we constantly strive to give back.

According to Dana Bowen, executive editor of Saveur magazine, "People who bake are generous. They go to work in the wee hours of the morning so that we can wake up and have our baguettes, our raisin loaves, our rye ficelles. They do it all behind the scenes, knowing full well that most the world hasn't a clue about the intricacies of what they do."

We couldn't agree more. So break out the butter, chill up your lox and fully enjoy the treasure that you have summoned and supported: Bob's Bakery.