We honor traditional methods and unique ingredients that showcase our friends and farmers. Using our own sourdough starter, our bagels begin a three day journey that includes organic ingredients, hand rolling, a long retarded fermentation, flash boiling and meticulous topping (yes, every bite deserves a bit of everything!). They are finished off by early morning baking so they are fresh for you. Varieties include: Everything, plain, poppy, sesame, salt, cheddar jalapeno, garlic parmesan, caraway swiss and vegan.
Did someone say Bruno Approved? I thought so. Bruno Richter is Port Townsend's most viable German expert and has provided us two-thumbs up approval on our Bavarian Pretzels. Goes great with beer, cheese, mustard, butter and anything else that might not be on your Weight Watchers diet. PS: Try ours baked with cheese curds at the Saturday Farmer's Market.
Our homegrown sourdough starter makes all the difference in our pizza dough. Are you willing to make and grow your own starter for years on end, to feed it, love it and baby it like a child? We didn't think so. That's what Bob's Bakery is here for. To raise and grown your inhuman nutritional babies so that you can on a whim, say in 5 minutes, make a pizza that took us days to prep for you.
Being from the Midwest, Bagel Bob's wife has always had a hankering for meat. After becoming a vegetarian, she grew tired of the cardboard cutlets that claimed to be great veggie burgers. Nose to the grindstone, she invented what has now become Port Townsend's Famous Pecan Sausage. A soy free, nut based burger that's just as delicious on a bagel as it is in pasta sauce, on pizza, in chili and countless other ways. Credibility counts when avid carnivores are won over by pecan sausage, and let's just say we have street cred! Find our sausage all over town, and on restaurant menus from Sequim to Seattle.
We really love to eat. Really. And we like to bike a lot, so that we can eat a lot. We also have lots of friends who make and grow truly amazing and fascinating food. What could be a better marriage than combining laborious baking with back-breaking farming followed up by spitting out miles on the bike? Our Bob's Bakery Market Menu! Bake to please, farm to feed, bike to eat.